How Are You Doing: Question 1 of 19

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I know I could do better if I only knew how

I feel good inside when people talk about my achievements

I like it when someone else gives me something nice

How Do You See The World Right Now?

What Happens When People Gossip About You?

When I look Back, I Wish I’d Achieved A Better Education

When You Are Problem Solving With Another Person


How Well Do You Work With Others?


When You Meet People For The First Time


Imagine You Are Socialising In A Group Of People


What do you do with the Chocolate Wrapper?

I Like To Attract Attention

How Do You Order Food From A Restaurant Menu?


How Do You Make Decisions


I especially love the smiles I create with my dishes

I like to fish for compliments

I enjoy it when I get noticed

I want more from life than I have now

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