How to Temper Chocolate?

Working with chocolate is not very difficult, but to have the perfect result there are some rules we have to follow.

Perfect chocolate has a smooth shiny surface, doesn’t melt at room temperature and has a pleasant “crack”, meaning it melts creamy in your mouth and has a pleasant feeling.

All this is thanks to the characteristics of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter can set in 6 different crystals. Only 2 of them are stable and compact enough to form a dry, hard chocolate. The other 4 crystals are not stable.

The purpose of tempering is to crystallize chocolate to create stable beta-crystals.


There at least 4 techniques, but I’ll show you the easy one. I always use this technique, which is perfect for home cooking.


  • Fill a bowl with 600g Genauva chocolate gems.
  • Set the microwave at half power.
  • Heat for 30 seconds and stir in between. (You’ll notice that the chocolate will melt.)
  • Do this several times until you reach 46°C (115°F). Take care not to burn the chocolate. Burned chocolate tastes bitter and cannot be used anymore.
  • Take out of the microwave when you still see some un-melted chocolate gems and stir well. They will still melt by the heat of the chocolate.
  • Add 150g – 200g Genauva chocolate gems.
  • Keep on stirring with a spatula and continue until you reach a temperature of:

31°C (87°F) for dark chocolate
30°C (86°F) for milk chocolate
28°C (82°F) for white chocolate
You really need to measure the temperature with the thermometer.

chocolate-for-fountains-1    baking-dark-chocolate-1


  • Test the chocolate before pouring into the mould.
  • Dip the point of the pallet knife into the chocolate and let it rest.
  • After 3 min the chocolate should become hard and shiny.
  • Now the chocolate is ready for use.

baking-chocolate-3    chocolate-baking-2

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