Summer Fancy Food show in New York

In our previous article, we reminded you of this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show. It’s a show you wouldn’t want to miss, especially if you are in the food industry. If you were in this year’s show you wouldn’t want to miss it next time. There was really much fun and enough to gain in the show. 

This year’s Summer Fancy Food Show held in June happens to be the largest ever since its inception in 1957. The Summer Fancy Food Show which started on the 25 – 27th of June this year is one to always remember. There were over 47,000 specialty food professionals that filled the exhibit halls to see over 2,670 exhibitors from over 55 countries. That’s to show how big and important this show is to everyone in the food industry, especially those that attended. There were 28 winners and 100 finalists in the show. We had special guest who visited our booth those days.

genauva-premium-belgian-chocolate-summer-fancy-food-showIt was an honor to see the popular actor, Joseph R. Gannascoli who played Joe in Sopranos as a pastry shop patron named “Gino”. He had a great moment with us and was really impressed with our Premium Belgian Chocolate. Every moment seem great that everyone was wishing that the show be extended.

We want to use this opportunity to thank all those who attended the Summer Fancy Food show in New York with us. Genauva family will always remain grateful for honoring our invitation.

We highly appreciate you for honoring our invitation to attend the Summer Fancy Food Show this year. It was certainly a pleasant surprise to have you all at the event like this. We appreciate our guests who visited us at the camp and offered kind words to us. Your recommendations and honest review of our Premium Belgian Chocolate is highly appreciated. We are glad you love our chocolates. Your presence was a compliment to us. We can’t thank you enough. You all were incredible! To say that you made our day is an understatement. You made the show much more interesting and meaningful to us. It was fun being in your midst those days.


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