Genauva pralines



Genauva pralines



The Confect that describes your status.

Soft sweet milk, laced with charming chocolate, hazelnut filling with a little feuilletine crunch are the characteristics. The inscription “Made in Belgium” reminds us where royalty belongs.

Princess praline



The shape of this Chocolate knows how to replete. You will surely be fed to satisfaction by the taste of this cute Cocoa bar.

  Louise-Marie praline



The petit Dessert neutralizes worries and restores strength. Call it The Energy chocolate.

The dark, strong and adventurous character, with raspberry mousses filled praline, depicts Archduchess Marie-Henriette. The shape of the horse hoof is connected to her love for horse riding.

Marie-Henriette praline



This rock in extra dark 77% cocoa chocolate has a soft but characteristic filling. An intense ganache Grand Marnier on a bed of praliné; a chocolate crust embedded with the best of roasted cocoa bean, winnowed to separate the chaff, conch out for all natural nutrients.

Albert I praline



Passion fruit and orange filling create a passionate sweet-sour clash.

Elisabeth praline



The pink yoghurt and raspberry center makes this super attractive creamy refined cocoa specialty irresistible.

Astrid praline



This is the most surprising chocolate ever. The rosy look of this special praline perfectly complements the ecstasy that follows the bites. Indulge and surprise yourself with our apple, pear and speculoos pairing: 3 typical Belgian ingredients in every bite just for you.

Fabiola praline



The shape of this praline reminds of the saxophone, while his soul tastes sexy and smooth. Orange marsipan and candied orange peel takes you to exotic and sultry nights with a soft jazzy sax in the background thereby leaving you in inexplicable ecstasy.

 Saxophone praline



Indulge yourself with this silky white chocolate sphere stuffed with smooth coffee cream.

  Atomium praline



This dark chocolate praline with its soft raspberry cream core, strong and tough on the outside but with a soft and sweet inside.

Brabo praline



Sweet- salt milk chocolate praline with a warm mix of caramel, buttery caramel cream and sea salt. The fashioned, inviting and fun-filling praline has it all. Only the taste can satisfy your curiosity.

Gilles praline



This praline has the noble dark chocolate shell with a rich and generous caramel sea salt inner over the top and edgy like carnival itself. It’s appearance signifies merriment, it melts in a compassionate way, and fantastic is the pleasure generated.

Carnival praline



The best dark chocolate, rich hazelnut cream with pure cocoa nibs.

Prestige praline



A noble extra dark 77% cocoa chocolate Champaign truffle? This pleasant-tasting bar is a combination of Power and Beauty.

Brussels praline



The overwhelming flavor of our extra dark chocolate truffle with a touch of exotic orange is our tribute to Antwerp’s golden era in the 16th century.

Antwerp praline


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