Hot Chocolate

571 g whole milk

190 g cream 35%

48 g sugar

190 g Genauva dark chocolate 70%


Vanilla chantilly

1 vanilla pod

925 g cream 35%

74 g sugar


Finishing and serving

Salted caramel pearls

Carmel Toppings

Hot chocolate with crispy caramel by Alexandre Bourdeaux

Salted caramel hot chocolate


Hot chocolate

Mix together and heat up.

(You can leave the mixture to ripen overnight – it will be even more flavoursome the next day.)


Vanilla chantilly

Grate the vanilla and mix with other ingredients. Whisk until stiff.


Finishing and serving

Pour the hot chocolate in a glass and top off with the Chantilly. Top with some  Caramel Topping and add a pinch of fleur de sel. Decorate with Salted Caramel pearls

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