Ingredients per serving

4 fresh large duck breasts

4 tbsp dried thyme

2 sprigs fresh rosemary


1 1/2 cup (10-14fl oz/300-400ml) port wine

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1/3 cup (1.4oz/40g) Genauva dark chocolate gems


Roasted duck breast with port chocolate sauce

duck breast recipes


  • For the duck, score the skin of the duck breast with a sharp knife (no deeper than the skin)
  • Season with pepper, salt and dried thyme
  • Use a dry, hot pan and place the duck skinside down in the pan (don’t use butter, the grease under the skin will melt immediately)
  • Sear on both sides
  • Remove the duck and the grease and preserve 6 tbsp, (keep the duck warm)
  • Pour Port wine and vinegar in the pan with the grease, add the rosemary and bring it to the boil
  • Remove from the stove and add the chocolate
  • Serve on individual plates. Cut the duck in thick slices and serve with vegetables
  • Pour a bit of sauce on the plate and serve the rest in a sauce boat

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