Ingredients for 6 servings

1,5 vanilla pod split


bay leaf

1 1/2 cup (12oz/300g) sugar

6 ripe but firm pears preferably Concorde (Conference for Europe)

3 cups (24fl oz/750ml) water

1 cup (5.5oz/150g) Genauva dark or milk chocolate gems

2/3 cup (5.5fl oz/150 ml) cream

vanilla ice cream

roasted Almond slices

Poire belle Hélène

poire belle hélène

Poire belle hélène 


  • Peel the pear very thinly so as to preserve their shape.
  • Remove the core from the base using a sharp knife or melon baller
  • Use a big enough saucepan and fill with the water, pears, sugar, vanilla pod (split), thyme and bay leaf.
  • Set over a medium heat until the liquid starts to boil, then reduce the heat (simmering)
  • Poach the pears in water, the cooking time will vary according to the size and ripeness of the pears. Test with the sharp knife or needle.
  • When ready take out of the syrup.
  • Use another pan to warm up the cream and melt the chocolate in it to make the sauce
  • Serve the pears with a good quality ice cream, pour the sauce over the pears and sprinkle the almond flakes over it.
  • Add a jug with extra chocolate sauce

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