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Hot chocolate belgium

Preparation of Lactose Free Belgium Hot Chocolate Cook the milk with the seeds of the vanilla pod and cinnamon powder Add the chocolate and whisk until it becomes fluffy Fill 4 drinking cups Decorate with cocoa powder Serve with a gingerbread cookie and use a cinnamon stick as a spoon. Enjoy!

Recipe for banana pancakes

This is the perfect recipe that my husband makes for breakfast on Sundays. It’s a real treat and I don’t have to do nothing, I love it!

Chocolate parfait

Preparation – Melt the chocolate gems with a bit of cream (0,25 cup or 60g) in a double sauce pan (“au bain marie”), don’t overheat the chocolate – Beat the egg yolks with the stand mixer and add the cane syrup – Whisk the remaining cream until you reach a yoghurt texture – Mix the […]

Best hot chocolate recipes

Ganache is mostly used to make truffles, pralines and cake or as a filling or glazing. You
can add different flavors, spices or fruits to the ganache.

rum truffles

Rum truffles Preparation Use a stand mixer and mix the butter and honey until fluffy using the flat beater Melt the dark chocolate in a double sauce pan (“au bain marie”), avoid water splashing in to the chocolate Add the chocolate to the butter and continue mixing until the mixture is fluffy Add the rum […]

Belgium hot chocolate

Chilli Belgium Hot chocolate Preparation Boil the water Add the hot water to the chocolate and stir well Sprinkle the chilli powder on top of the chocolate. Stir well.

hot Belgium chocolate

Preparation of Hot Belgium chocolate with honey Serve a double espresso freshly from the machine in a cup. Add the honey to the coffee Add chocolate chips in the cup and stir well. * Genauva dark, Genauva extra dark, or Genauva milk chocolate also be used in this drink recipe. The combination with any chocolate and […]

Mint ice cream

Preparation Fill six ice-cream molds with mint ice-cream Put a wooden stick in each mold Let it freeze Melt the chocolate gems in a double sauce pan (“au bain marie”) Dip the frozen lollipops into melted dark chocolate Transfer to the freezer again

valentine chocolate hearts

Preparation Beat the butter until soft, add sugar and eggs and mix until you get a fluffy mixture Add the flour and the melted chocolate (in a double sauce pan) Poor into the double silicone heart mold Bake in a pre-heated oven at 347°F (175°C) for 10 minutes Let cool down and stick the wooden […]

Chocolate milkshake

Chocolate milkshake Preparation Melt the chocolate with 1 cup (7fl oz/200ml) milk in a saucepan and let cool down a bit Poor the rest of the milk in a blender Add chocolate ice cream, the melted chocolate, eventually sugar and vanilla powder, and blend until foamy Transfer to 4 large glasses Decorate with whipped cream, […]

mini milk chocolate gems

Preparation Bring 5 cup (45fl oz/1.3l) milk to the boil Dissolve the cornstarch with the icing sugar in 1 cup (7.5fl oz/200ml) cold milk Pour the starch mixture into the boiling milk Add the Genauva mini milk chocolate gems and instant coffee Boil for 2-3 minutes while stirring Pour into glasses or cups Let cool down […]

Hot Chocoberry

Chocoberry Hot drink Preparation Bring to the boil together and whisk until it reaches boiling point.  

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