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grilled lamb

Preparation Cut of 4oz (100g) of meat, chop in little dice and keep aside Cut of the white membrane on the muscle if the butcher didn’t already do it and throw away In a blender chop the fresh herbs, chili and garlic powder , a bit of oil, pepper and salt Transfer to the fridge […]

Pheasant recipe

Pheasant recipe  Preparation Use a frying pan, season and grill the pheasant breast with the butter (5 minutes at the skin side, 2-3 minutes at the other side) Remove the breast from the pan, Poor the port wine, water and game stock in to the pan and bring to the boil Add the honey mustard […]

guinea fowl recipe

Preparation Soak the cherries in the Kriek beer for 2 hours Peel and chop the scallions Use a cooking pot, warm the oil and sear the Guinea fowl Add the scallions and cook them shortly. Remove everything from the pot and keep warm Pour the soaked cherries, beer and stock in the pot and mix […]

chocolate sauce

Preparation Use the same pan as you used to bake the meat, remove the meat and keep warm Sear the scallions with butter Add wine and port wine, fresh thyme, laurel and crushed juniper berries Boil down to half Add game stock and cranberry jelly, boil down to half Sift the sauce and thicken if […]

duck breast recipes

When you add dark chocolate to a good sauce it brings a rich flavour to the sauce, without having the taste of chocolate.

Recipe for Pot Roast

When you add dark chocolate to a good sauce it gives extra depth and flavour to the sauce, without having the taste of chocolate.

Belgian waffles recipe

Preparation Mix flour and sugar Melt the butter and add the water and milk Make a hole in the middle of the flour and add the egg yolks Pour the fluid into the whole Mix until smooth Whisk the egg whites until stiff and spoon into the batter Melt the chocolate with the cream in […]

langoustine recipes

Preparation Soak the gelatine in cold water. Stir the agar in 3/4 cup (7fl oz/200ml) tea, heat and add the gelatine to it. Tip over the shortbread pastry, allow to cool and divide into jelly biscuits. Stew the chicory in butter and water and glaze in a dry pan with small pieces of chocolate. Turn […]

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