1 sheet (0.6dr/1g) gelatine

1/2 tsp (1.2dr/2g) agar agar

2 cups (17fl oz/500ml) tea with Sencha / ginger / Angelica

1 shortbread pastry base 0.2in (0.5cm)

3 heads of Brussels chicory

Genauva extra dark chocolate gems

6 langoustines

Fleur de sel

1/4 cup (2fl oz/50ml) grape seed oil

1/2 tsp (1.2dr/2g) soya lecithin

Exotic mix

Langoustines with Brussels chicory in Ecuador chocolate Created by Lieven Lootens, Restaurant ‘t Aards Paradijs

langoustine recipes


  • Soak the gelatine in cold water.
  • Stir the agar in 3/4 cup (7fl oz/200ml) tea, heat and add the gelatine to it.
  • Tip over the shortbread pastry, allow to cool and divide into jelly biscuits.
  • Stew the chicory in butter and water and glaze in a dry pan with small pieces of chocolate.
  • Turn the langoustines in Mycryo®, fry for a short time in the pan and season to taste with some cocoa nibs and Fleur de sel. Mix the remaining tea with the grape seed oil and soya lecithin.
  • Whip up until slightly cloudy, preferably using a small pump.
  • Dress the trays and flavour at the table with the exotic mix.

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