Ingredients per serving

1 ¼ cup (8oz/200g) Genauva extra dark chocolate gems 70%

1 tsp (1/6oz/4g) Crushed black pepper

1 tbsp (0.5oz/15g) Chopped Lemon zest

You need a mold for a chocolate block

Extra dark chocolate with black pepper and lemon

healthy dark chocolate


  • Never wash the mold with detergent, only with clear hot water
  • Be sure your mold is extremely clean and dry, every little impurity will show on the chocolate
  • Polish the inside of the mold with cotton ball until it shines, the better the mold is polished, the more your chocolate bar will shine and look professional
  • Melt and temper the chocolate
  • Mix the pepper and lemon zest under the chocolate
  • Pour into the mold
  • Tap the mold firmly on the counter to remove all air bubbles
  • Put into the fridge to cool

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