2 cups (12oz/300g) hazelnuts

1/2 cup (2oz/50g) unsweetened cocoa powder

2 tbsp (2oz/50g) honey (or another sweetener of your choice)

1 1/4 cup (8oz/200g) Genauva dark (or extra dark) chocolate

1/2 cup (3.5fl oz/100ml) coconut oil

Hazelnut paste (DIY Nutella)

Hazelnut paste recipe


  • Roast the hazelnuts in a dry pan. They don’t need to be brown. The roasting gives extra flavor
  • Blend the hazelnuts as fine as you want. The finer, the smoother the paste
  • Warm the honey in the microwave
  • Mix the honey, cocoa powder, oil and blended hazelnuts
  • Melt the Genauva chocolate in a double sauce pan (“au bain marie”) or microwave on half power (stir every 20 seconds to prevent burning!)
  • Add the chocolate to the nut mixture and stir together
  • Use very clean (sterilized) jars. You can store this outside the fridge for about 2 weeks.

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