Genauva dark chocolate gems or milk chocolate gems

more cocoa butter to make the chocolate even more fluid (optional)

liquor to the chocolate like cognac (optional)

orange liquor (optional)

gin (optional)

whisky (optional)

rum (when there are no kids attending the part)

Fruits to combine:

kiwi, banana, pineapple, apple, pear, mango, cherry, grapes, melon, peaches, candied ginger, orange, dried fruit, tinned garlic,


Marshmallow, biscuits, mini cupcakes, mini waffles, potato chips, pretzel sticks, cake, charlotte cookies, Magdalena cake,


bacon, duck, scampi,



Our Genauva milk chocolate gems are fit for fountains. You can always add more cocoa butter to make the chocolate even more fluid.

For decorating the table you can prepare fresh fruit brochettes.

Dice the fruit and give the sticks apart so people can make their own choices.

You provide cups with grated coconut, ground nuts, cocoa powder, crumbled cookies, sugar pearls, …

Chocolate fountain

gems milk chocolate

How to prepare milk chocolate gems for chocolate fountain ?


Melt the milk chocolate gems in the microwave at 600W and stir every 20 seconds or melt in a double saucepan. The amount of chocolate depends on the size of your fountain, look at the instruction manual

Some people add cream to the chocolate but it gives extra calories, you can also use semi-skimmed milk or unsalted butter. Anyhow, I only add some cocoa butter (much healthier)


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