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Christmas cakes ideas

Preparation Place all the ingredients in a bowl and leave to soak for at least one hour. Set the oven to 185°F (140°C). Gently roast all the nuts until light brown. Cream the butter and sugar. Sieve together onto the creamed butter and sugar. Add the eggs to the mixture one at a time, blending […]

Chocolate cream

Preparation Cook the creme and a pinch of clove powder until almost boiling Add the Genauva chocolate chips (chose your favorite chocolate) Lower the heat until the chocolate has melted Beat the eggs Put away from the stove and mix the beaten eggs with the chocolate – cream mixture Pour the mixture in 6 cups Put in […]

Gingerbread cookies recipe

Preparation Pre-heat the oven to 350°F (180°C) In a medium bowl sift together flour, salt, baking soda and gingerbread spices.stir until combined Use the bowl of a stand mixer: mix the butter at room temperature with the granulated sugar Add the egg and molasses, beat until well combined Melt the chocolate in a double sauce […]

Easter bread

Easter bread recipe Normally you need a Kulich baking tin. If you don’t have one you can improvise with other household cans. Panettone paper molds are also possible to use. With the ingredients below you can fill a Kulich tin or 3 small tins of 14oz (400g) (used for peeled tomatoes, sausage, canned vegetables) and […]

guinea fowl recipe

Preparation Soak the cherries in the Kriek beer for 2 hours Peel and chop the scallions Use a cooking pot, warm the oil and sear the Guinea fowl Add the scallions and cook them shortly. Remove everything from the pot and keep warm Pour the soaked cherries, beer and stock in the pot and mix […]

tangerine dessert

Preparation Start 2 hours before serving (can also be done the day before) Peel the tangerines and keep the zest of one of them Bring water to the boil with the sugar, lemon juice, zest of 1tangerine, ginger and star anise Boil for 10 minutes Take away from the stove add the tangerine divided in […]

Recipe for Pot Roast

When you add dark chocolate to a good sauce it gives extra depth and flavour to the sauce, without having the taste of chocolate.

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