2 ¾ cup (10oz/285g) Genauva milk or dark chocolate

Water balloons

Baking paper or plastic sheet

Serving tips

Put the cup on a nice plate

Fill with ice cream and decorate with some cold sauce and other stuff you like

Or, fill it with chocolate mousse and decorate with some strawberries

In case  you have chocolate left, make some chocolate trail mix for your guests

Chocolate Cups

Chocolate cups


Blow up the water balloons (don’t fill with water!!!)

Melt and temper the chocolate (see our ebook):

  • Spoon some chocolate on the baking paper and form a little circle (that’s the base of your cup)
  • Dip the balloon in the melted chocolate and set on the chocolate base. Let it the fridge for 30 minutes
  • Cut the balloons et voila your chocolate cup is ready

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