Ingredients per serving

1 cup (5 oz/150g) pealed hazelnuts or almonds (or combine)

2 tbsp (1fl oz/3cl) water

⅓ cup (1.5 oz/40g) dark brown sugar

3 tbsp (2 oz/50g) white granulated sugar

½ tsp fleur de sel

1 ¼ cup (8 oz/200g) Genauva chocolate (milk or dark)

Candied Hazelnuts with Chocolate

Candied hazelnuts


  • Roast the nuts in the oven at 320°F (160°C) for 15min, until they are gold brown
  • Make a syrup;
  • Heat sugar and water in a sauce pan over high heat. Let it boil well until syrup starts to form
  • Add the warm nuts and salt to the syrup and stir well without damaging the nuts
  • The nuts will first turn sandy, but continue stirring until the sugar has melted again to turn into caramel. Take care that the caramel doesn’t burn (it will be bitter and inedible)
  • Pour the nuts on a lined baking sheet and separate them with a spatula.
  • Beware the caramel is extremely hot!
  • Let cool down
  • Melt and temper the chocolate
  • Dip the nuts in the chocolate with a fork and put them on a parchment or nonsticky baking mat


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