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Unsweetened Chocolate Gems


For the demanding chocolate lover, who wants to customize the taste and intensity of the chocolate or for the health conscious person, who wants a self-made chocolate matching his/her food requirements, Genauva offers unsweetened chocolate with 100% cocoa mass. The little gems are easy to melt and allow use of small quantities. No artificial flavors or colors.

Product Description

Unsweetened chocolate 2.2 lb (1 kg)

Cocoa 100%

Unsweetened chocolate is also known as cocoa liquor or cocoa mass.

Genauva unsweetened chocolate has the intense bitter taste of 100% cocoa, no artificial flavors or colors.

Our unsweetened chocolate is the perfect base for those who want to make and customize their own healthy chocolate. Melts easily.

Highest quality cocoa and cocoa butter from sustainable cocoa cultivation and social responsibility program.

This chocolate comes in a 2.2lb (1kg) bag, that is the perfect size for use in households. The little gems allow you to take the portion you need for your recipe. Melts easily.

Check our packaging for the nutrition facts and complete ingredients and allergy list.

Additional Information

Weight2.2 lbs


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