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Probably no one deny that eating chocolate stimulates pleasurable experience and we want to enjoy it again and again. Rich something else recipes for those who really love chocolate and would like indulge yourself and others. High quality Belgian dark chocolate, milk or extra dark is the most important ingredient for the rich recipe.

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Genauva is sharing indulgent recipes with Premium Belgian chocolate. And no matter if you prefer to make a rich chocolate dessert or an easy hot chocolate with few ingredients..Every single meal or dessert prepared with love can indulge and satisfy your inner sweet tooth, your lover or unexpected guests..

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Best hot chocolate recipes

Ganache is mostly used to make truffles, pralines and cake or as a filling or glazing. You
can add different flavors, spices or fruits to the ganache.

chocolate truffle

Chocolate truffle Preparation Use a stand mixer and mix the butter and honey until fluffy using the flat beater Melt the dark chocolate in a double sauce pan (“au bain marie”), avoid water splashing in to the chocolate Add the chocolate to the butter and continue mixing until the mixture is fluffy Add the Grand […]


Chocolate puff pastry Preparation Heat the oven until 375°F (190°C) Squash the banana and add a pinch of sugar, honey and lemon juice and mix Cut the puffy pastry in rectangles of 4.7×3.1in (12 x 8 cm) Put near the edge a line of chocolate chips and spoon the banana on top Brush  the pastry […]

Hazelnut paste recipe

Preparation Roast the hazelnuts in a dry pan. They don’t need to be brown. The roasting gives extra flavor Blend the hazelnuts as fine as you want. The finer, the smoother the paste Warm the honey in the microwave Mix the honey, cocoa powder, oil and blended hazelnuts Melt the Genauva chocolate in a double […]

mini milk chocolate gems

Preparation Bring 5 cup (45fl oz/1.3l) milk to the boil Dissolve the cornstarch with the icing sugar in 1 cup (7.5fl oz/200ml) cold milk Pour the starch mixture into the boiling milk Add the Genauva mini milk chocolate gems and instant coffee Boil for 2-3 minutes while stirring Pour into glasses or cups Let cool down […]

grilled lamb

Preparation Cut of 4oz (100g) of meat, chop in little dice and keep aside Cut of the white membrane on the muscle if the butcher didn’t already do it and throw away In a blender chop the fresh herbs, chili and garlic powder , a bit of oil, pepper and salt Transfer to the fridge […]

Pheasant recipe

Pheasant recipe  Preparation Use a frying pan, season and grill the pheasant breast with the butter (5 minutes at the skin side, 2-3 minutes at the other side) Remove the breast from the pan, Poor the port wine, water and game stock in to the pan and bring to the boil Add the honey mustard […]

easter chocolate

Preparation Start with the decoration of the egg: melt the Genauva dark chocolate and dip the edge of the egg in the chocolate, let dry The leftover of the dark chocolate can be added to the other chocolate in the recipe Mousse Melt the chocolate in a double sauce pan or in the microwave (low […]

guinea fowl recipe

Preparation Soak the cherries in the Kriek beer for 2 hours Peel and chop the scallions Use a cooking pot, warm the oil and sear the Guinea fowl Add the scallions and cook them shortly. Remove everything from the pot and keep warm Pour the soaked cherries, beer and stock in the pot and mix […]

Easy chocolate mousse recipe

Chocolate-Almond filled Beignet with a coulis of sweet almonds and tart red fruit

dessert crepes

I love, love, love these pancakes. Especially when served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

chocolate sauce

Preparation Use the same pan as you used to bake the meat, remove the meat and keep warm Sear the scallions with butter Add wine and port wine, fresh thyme, laurel and crushed juniper berries Boil down to half Add game stock and cranberry jelly, boil down to half Sift the sauce and thicken if […]

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