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In the late 1800s the first moulds were created with the help of metal sheets pressed into shapes. Prior to that, chocolate was enjoyed only in liquid form. Chocolatiers created elaborate shapes, both three-dimensional and uniform.  However, difficult hand-filled moulds have been exchanged by simple plastic casts more equipped to volume production. In effect, there are a variety of moulds that can be made economically.

Which Means

today’s chocolate moulds are simple to use, even for the novice. Moulds are typically cost effective and come in a wide variety of shapes. As well, there are basic home tools you can use to make your own creative moulds to hold fruit, ice cream and chocolate.    

The best part about using chocolate moulds is that they can be used for milk chocolate, dark and extra dark. Also, you can pick any theme for a special occasion like your kid’s first music recital, their last baseball game of the season, a birthday or other extraordinary events.

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fake poop

Fake poop Preparation Use a stand mixer and mix the butter and honey until fluffy, using the flat beater Melt the dark chocolate in a double sauce pan (“au bain marie”), avoid water splashing into the chocolate Add the chocolate to the butter and continue mixing until the mixture is fluffy Prepare a piping bag […]

Mint ice cream

Preparation Fill six ice-cream molds with mint ice-cream Put a wooden stick in each mold Let it freeze Melt the chocolate gems in a double sauce pan (“au bain marie”) Dip the frozen lollipops into melted dark chocolate Transfer to the freezer again

ice cream lollipop

Preparation Frozen mango passion Fill five ice-cream molds with mango passion fruit ice cream base and let it freeze. Dip the frozen lollipops into melted milk chocolate.   Strawberry pepper surprise Pour strawberry ice-cream base into five ice-cream molds and freeze them. Dip the frozen lollipops into melted milk chocolate.  Decorate with Flakes.   Arctic […]

easter chocolate

Preparation Start with the decoration of the egg: melt the Genauva dark chocolate and dip the edge of the egg in the chocolate, let dry The leftover of the dark chocolate can be added to the other chocolate in the recipe Mousse Melt the chocolate in a double sauce pan or in the microwave (low […]

Chocolate moulds

There are some simple tools you can use to make a nice mould
You can use these beautiful cups to fill with cold fillings like fruit, egg nog, ice cream,…
Surprise your guests and enjoy.

Chocolate sticks

This is super easy and I always make treats like this if I have leftovers from other recipes.

santa cookies

Preparation Sift the flour with the cocoa powder and mix it with the almond powder Add the soft butter, milk and eggs Mix until you have a smooth batter Scoop the batter into a springform (11in/28cm diameter) Preheat the oven at 347°F (175°C) Bake 55 minutes Let the cake cool down completely Divide in 8 […]

Valentine cakes

Preparation Preheat the oven 347°F (175°C) Grease the cake mold Melt the chocolate with the butter in a double sauce pan Beat the egg and sugar with a pinch of salt, until white and creamy Add the chocolate to the egg. Sift flour and baking powder on top of the mixture and beat until smooth […]

Trail mix recipes

Preparation Temper Genauva extra dark, dark or milk chocolate Pipe the chocolate in circles on a plastic sheet or baking paper Decorate like you wish with raisins, almonds, nuts and candied fruit Put in the fridge for at least 12 hours

chocolate decorations for cakes chocolate leaves

Easy chocolate holly berry leafs for – an idea for cake decoration

Chocolate Milk Gems

Butter truffle with milk chocolate gems Preparation Mix the butter and icing sugar in the kitchen robot until it is fluffy and white Melt milk chocolate until 93.2°F (34°C) and mix it with the butter in the robot Pipe long truffles about 1.2 in (3 cm) on a jelly roll with baking paper, use piping […]

Chocolate covered nuts

Preparation Roast the nuts in the oven at 320°F (160°C) for 15min, until they are gold brown Make a syrup; Heat sugar and water in a sauce pan over high heat. Let it boil well until syrup starts to form Add the warm nuts and salt to the syrup and stir well without damaging the […]

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