The secret to making delicious, great tasting chocolate desserts at home is with high quality ingredients. Unquestionably, you need real cream, wholesome eggs, fresh spices and of course – the finest chocolate. Naturally, the ingredients you use depend on the recipe.  Pure, rich chocolate is the key to creating the sensation of savoring something wonderful.

And when it comes to gifts, friends and family will be pleased in receiving quality chocolate treats they can savor. One of the easiest gifts that make a wonderful presentation is chocolate blocks. The blocks are wrapped individually and swirled into a mug of hot milk whenever the need for chocolate arises.

Which Means

homemade chocolate blocks are like fudge on a stick, only better. They are easy to prepare and ideal for chocolate gift boxes any time of year. Friends and family will enjoy the supreme taste and the convenience of having a hot chocolate drink whenever they desire.  You can also nibble the chocolate blocks right from the stick.

Recipe Selector

blue pill

Blue pill Preparation Clean and polish the chocolate molds Melt and temper the chocolate gems Add ginseng and ginger powder, stir well Add the crunched nuts and stir well Fill the molds and tap gently on the counter to remove the air bubbles Transfer to the fridge for about 1 hour Remove the molds Have […]

Home-made chocolate

Preparation Prepare a mold Take 1/4 cup 1oz (30g) unsweetened gems and set aside Melt the rest of the gems in the microwave on low temperature and stir every 20 seconds, Cocoa mass can burn easily (you can also melt in a double sauce pan) Add all ingredients and stir Add the chocolate gems you have set aside […]

fruit chocolate

Red fruit has a lot of anti-oxidants and so has dark chocolate. This is a really healthy and yummy snack

healthy dark chocolate

Preparation Never wash the mold with detergent, only with clear hot water Be sure your mold is extremely clean and dry, every little impurity will show on the chocolate Polish the inside of the mold with cotton ball until it shines, the better the mold is polished, the more your chocolate bar will shine and […]

Chocolate bar recipe

Whit a nice wrap you have an excellent customized Belgium chocolate bar for your loved ones.

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