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From various flavored chocolate milkshakes and smoothies to incredible hot or cold chocolate, pairing dairy and chocolate together makes the ideal drink.  The chocolate that is the most prominent in dairy is milk chocolate. This type of chocolate contains more milk and is lighter in color and flavor. It is typically much sweeter than dark chocolate. However, darker chocolates also contain dairy, which adds a nice smooth and creamy texture. 

Which Means

using Belgian Chocolate Singles or Gems for a chocolate dairy treat is like the deep, elegant drinking chocolate used in European bistros. For convenience, Belgian Chocolate Singles fit easily in your purse or knapsack. They can be used for an easy-made chocolate beverage whenever the urge strikes. For an in-home luxury, Belgian Chocolate Gems are great for making large batches of hot chocolate or other favorite chocolate indulgences. 

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Hot chocolate belgium

Preparation of Lactose Free Belgium Hot Chocolate Cook the milk with the seeds of the vanilla pod and cinnamon powder Add the chocolate and whisk until it becomes fluffy Fill 4 drinking cups Decorate with cocoa powder Serve with a gingerbread cookie and use a cinnamon stick as a spoon. Enjoy!

Chocolate milkshake

Chocolate milkshake Preparation Melt the chocolate with 1 cup (7fl oz/200ml) milk in a saucepan and let cool down a bit Poor the rest of the milk in a blender Add chocolate ice cream, the melted chocolate, eventually sugar and vanilla powder, and blend until foamy Transfer to 4 large glasses Decorate with whipped cream, […]

Hot Chocoberry

Chocoberry Hot drink Preparation Bring to the boil together and whisk until it reaches boiling point.  

Chocolate cream

Preparation Cook the creme and a pinch of clove powder until almost boiling Add the Genauva chocolate chips (chose your favorite chocolate) Lower the heat until the chocolate has melted Beat the eggs Put away from the stove and mix the beaten eggs with the chocolate – cream mixture Pour the mixture in 6 cups Put in […]

Belgian hot chocolate recipe

Halloween Belgian hot chocolate recipe preparation: Cook the milk in a microwave or pan Add the Genauva chocolate gems and the food coloring Add the spices Chop a chocolate gem and pierce it in a marshmallow Top the hot chocolate with 2 marshmallows

Aztec chocolate

Aztec chocolate Preparation Fill the cup with liquid chocolate (40°C). Add a dash of fluffy milk foam in a cup. Fill the cup with steamed milk (75°C). Sprinkle on top of the chocolate. Stir well. Top the drink with cream

Salted caramel hot chocolate

Preparation Hot chocolate Mix together and heat up. (You can leave the mixture to ripen overnight – it will be even more flavoursome the next day.)   Vanilla chantilly Grate the vanilla and mix with other ingredients. Whisk until stiff.   Finishing and serving Pour the hot chocolate in a glass and top off with […]

Honey drink

Preparation Add everything to the mixture and shake well. Heat up together.


Passion fruit recipes Preparation Bring to the boil and remove from the heat. Add to the milk and whip. Add and leave to cool overnight. Mix together and put into a siphon. Pressurize with 1 gas cartridge.

Caramel mocha

Preparation Cappuchoco™ Bring to the boil together and whisk until it reaches boiling point.   Caramel cream Mix together cold and beat until you have a light fluffy cream.  

mexican hot chocolate

Preparation Combine both chocolates in a bowl Heat milk on the stove until steaming; do not boil. Pour hot milk on top of chocolate Whisk milk and chocolate together until all chocolate has melted Add cinnamon and chilli powder to taste.

chocolate drink recipe

Chocolate drink recipe Preparation Heat up the milk, add the ingredients and mix, pour into the glass, top with whipped cream and decorate with almond slices. Serve with cantucci (Italian almond cookies).

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