Chocolate is not only enticing in foods but it is also fabulous in drinks. Although there are chocolate liqueurs for cocktails, the best are made with real cocoa or as a hot chocolate drink. In addition, chocolate cocktails can be served as an after dinner dessert. One of the most popular drinks is the chocolate martini which is first prepared by lining a glass with chocolate sauce. Other favorites include Dulce de Leche with rum and cream, Peppermint Pattie, Cappuccino Cascades with coffee and vodka, and the Mound Bar with chocolate, coconut and rum. 

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chocolate drinks are a wonderful after dinner treat. And when it gets really cold outside, hot chocolate drinks are a great way to take the chill off.  Whether you have a hot chocolate drink or cool chocolate cocktail, the best drinks are created with high quality chocolate like Belgian Chocolate Gems. 

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Honey drink

Preparation Add everything to the mixture and shake well. Heat up together.

Belgian hot chocolate

Belgian hot chocolate preparation: Heat the milk with the steamer until frothy (162°F/72°C). Heat the whisky, pour in the glass and flambé. Pour the milk on top and fill to the top. Grind the coffee and add some piri-piri to it in the portafilter. Make an espresso with this spiced coffee. Pour the coffee in […]

Best hot chocolate recipes

Preparation Heat up the milk, add the ingredients, mix well. Dust some extra chili pepper on top if you wish. Serve with a concha cookie

chocolate drink recipe

Chocolate drink recipe Preparation Heat up the milk, add the ingredients and mix, pour into the glass, top with whipped cream and decorate with almond slices. Serve with cantucci (Italian almond cookies).

irish hot chocolate

Irish hot chocolate  Preparation Cook the Guinness on a medium high stove until reduced to ½ cup (120ml) Heat up the milk and melt the Genauva milk chocolate and extra dark chocolate gems Wisk until completely dissolved Add the Reduced Guinness, Whiskey and Bailey’s Use a blender or electrical whisk to whisk until frothy Serve […]

Belgian hot chocolate recipe

Preparation for APRÈS SKI Belgian Hot Chocolate recipe Heat up the milk, add the ingredients, mix well, Use a cinnamon stick for stirring

Beetroot and Chocolate drink

Preparation Fill a pitcher with the desired amount of beetroot juice. Add both the Genauva Finest Belgian Dark Hot Chocolate and the whisky. Steam the mixture to 162°F (72°C). Pour into the glass. Place the cinnamon stick on top of the glass.

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