If you love smooth, creamy and velvety desserts then chocolate pastries are the ultimate choice for satisfaction. In fact, they are so delicious that chocolate pastries are part of the World Chocolate Masters competition. The spectacular international annual event is exclusively dedicated to the art of chocolate. The premium competition has also merged with “Le Grand Prix International de la Chocolaterie” and the “International Belgian Chocolate Award”.

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So when it comes to baking chocolate pastries you really cannot go wrong in pleasing your guests or friends. Chocolate pastries can be made a variety of ways such as puff pastries, a Pain au Chocolat or chocolate filled croissants, chocolate layered tarts, éclair’s and much more.

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Chocolate puff pastry Preparation Heat the oven until 375°F (190°C) Squash the banana and add a pinch of sugar, honey and lemon juice and mix Cut the puffy pastry in rectangles of 4.7×3.1in (12 x 8 cm) Put near the edge a line of chocolate chips and spoon the banana on top Brush  the pastry […]

Easy chocolate mousse recipe

Chocolate-Almond filled Beignet with a coulis of sweet almonds and tart red fruit

Pain au chocolat

Pain au chocolat recipe Preparation Start with the dough (you can do it by hand or with the standing mixer with a dough hook) Take the flour, and mix the yeast, milk, sugar and salt. Add 1/2 cup (4oz/100g) cold butter in chunks. Now take out of the mixing bowl and knead the dough firmly by hand on […]

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