Giving Back

Genauva’s giving back program is supported by 3 pillars:


Quality partner program (QPP)

The quality partner program is a unique cocoa sustainability program for cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast and Cameroon.

The emphasis of the program is on “quality”, which means improving the quality of the cocoa farms through farming training and sustainable production and harvesting. Growing higher volumes of better quality cocoa increases the farmers income and improves their overall quality of life.

Other integrated activities of the QPP include better access to education by co-funding schools for the children and family healthcare throughout the year (f.e. distributing mosquito nets and medical kits, sponsoring vaccination programs  and providing access to clean water).

We also financially support Oxfam.

Sheltered workshop program

We offer work to a group of workers with intellectual, physical  or any other work-disabilities. A sheltered workshop offers a working framework that is adapted to the needs of people. They are well educated for simple or adapted jobs. Being able to work in this environment gives them the change to be socially integrated in society  and to function as an independent adult person.

Care for Nature

We want to reduce our ecological footprint and take care of nature as much as we can. We work with sustainable energy, our cardboard boxes are partially made of recycled paper and we made our packaging design with less colors.

We also financially support Greenpeace.

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