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Biscuits at Easter

Recipe for Easter biscuits are a traditional cuisine in many countries and are served to guests on Easter Sunday. In Greece they are known as Koulourakia, a ring shaped pastry that has a sweet delicate flavor with the essence of vanilla.  The crunchy British Easter biscuit is lightly spiced and dotted with currents. And in Scotland the Easter biscuit is more of a light and buttery shortbread.  

Chocolate Easter biscuits are also a favorite in many cultures. The chocolate lends a sweet and bitter flavor to biscuits and adds a nice smooth texture. And when baking chocolate biscuits you can select your preference of milk, dark or extra dark chocolate. In addition, decorative pinwheel type Easter biscuits make for a great presentation. 

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sweet a recipe for Easter biscuits are the perfect choice for the seasonal celebration. It is a wonderful way to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy the spirit of the season. Chocolate Easter biscuits also allow the flexibility to create a theme or make a variety of themed biscuits such as bunny shaped, Easter nests or fluffy chicks.


Breads at Easter

When most think about Easter indulgences, comforting thoughts of Easter bread are easily recollected. In fact, Easter bread is a great part of many cultures during the Easter holiday. In point of fact, recipes for sweetened bread date back to the Homeric Age (ca. 1100–800 BC). In fact, sweetened bread comparable to panettone was known as a Roman favorite.

Today there are many types of Easter breads from all over the world such as Italian braided bread, German twist and Russian Kulich bread with raisins and candied orange. But some of the most popular Easter breads are the traditional breads with a touch of chocolate like the fabulous Greek sweet bread with chocolate chunks and almonds. 

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Easter breads are the comfort foods of the season’s festivities. And with a bit of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, Easter bread brings on a whole new distinctive flavor. And to keep baking simple, use Belgian Chocolate Gems to enhance any of your Easter bread recipes.


Breakfast at Easter

Host an extraordinary Easter brunch with seasonal and traditional dishes. Your breakfast celebration will impress your guests with an amazing selection of foods. Whether you are serving a small or large group, preparing Easter breakfast can be stress-free. And with a few simple recipe ideas, planning Easter breakfast couldn’t be easier.

Some of the more popular Easter brunch or breakfast items are French toast, pancakes and quiche. But if you want to really impress your guests, add a touch of chocolate to your main course. For instance, fluffy pancakes are simply irresistible with a few chunks of chocolate and topped with fresh strawberries. Fruit crêpes are even more divine when served with a vanilla filling and drizzled with chocolate. Whatever is your fancy, a touch of chocolate will more than enhance the dish. 

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Easter breakfast can be easy to make and very impressive when a little chocolate is added to the menu. Whether a hot chocolate drink or a few Belgian Chocolate Gems added to your favorite pancakes, Easter breakfast will be astonishing and impressive.


Cupcakes at Easter

One of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is with Easter cupcakes. In fact, baking cupcakes can be a whole lot of fun for the entire family. Baking and decorating is a great way to create memories and help improve a child’s self-esteem.

As well, you can convert ordinary cupcakes into festive masterpieces that all your guests will adore. And with the use of chocolate, your decorating ideas will be greatly enhanced. With chocolate almost anything is possible. Transform cupcakes into fluffy bunnies, a chocolate nest with eggs or cute sheep. 

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chocolate decorations for cupcakes are perfect for an Easter theme of cute fluffy bunnies, chicks in a nest and chocolate eggs. They make an impressive presentation for guests and are perfect for a party.

Plus, decorating Easter cupcakes are fun to create, making them the ideal kitchen project for kids – they are rewarding, gratifying, messy and tasteful.


Main Dish at Easter

Traditional Easter dinners are of glazed ham, leg of lamb or tasty chicken with numerous side dishes and appetizers. But instead of the traditional Easter dinner, why not impress your guests with something extraordinary.

You can amaze your friends and family with a main dish that is enhanced with chocolate.  Although it may sound a little odd, chocolate actually pairs amazingly well with many entrees.  In truth, the contrast of a rich sauce with a gamey meat such as lamb is impressively good.

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chocolate adds depth and complexity to a main dish and to savory sauces. Chocolate is the perfect enhancement to a traditional Easter dish such as lamb with dark chocolate pepper sauce, braised short ribs with chocolate and chipotle, beef stew with dark chocolate sauce and Mexican chocolate chicken.


Snacks at Easter

One of the best delights around Easter time is homemade chocolate sweets and candy. Not only do they taste better than the store bought version but they are much healthier. Many over the counter sweets contain excessive sugar; artificial flavorings, preservatives and other unnatural ingredients. However, homemade snacks made with your choice of Belgian chocolate are a much healthier option.

Some easy to make Easter candies for baskets are chocolate-covered eggs, chocolate bunnies and bite sized pieces. Chocolate snacks are also very handy when you want to serve a diversity of sweets to your guests. You can create Easter themed chocolate brownies, individual chocolate candies or other special treats.  

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chocolate candies are ideal for Easter baskets and for serving guests a variety of tasty morsels. For easy baking chocolate snacks, try using moulds for different Easter shapes or characters. Other healthy options are chocolate covered nuts and fruit like strawberries, cherries or orange sections. You can also create different treats using your favorite chocolates such as extra dark, dark or milk chocolate gems.

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