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Snacks At Christmas

Christmas is a busy time filled with parties, visiting, shopping and running different errands. That is why party-ready options for easy snacks are perfect for the season. Even better, chocolate snacks make the ideal finger foods that can be made days and even weeks in advance. Some of the best Christmas snacks are the traditional ones like brownies, truffles, chocolate caramels, bon bons and chocolate covered fruits like cherries.

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chocolate snacks are perfect for the holiday season when life gets busy and full of exciting events. As a matter of fact, making chocolate snacks for Christmas can save you a lot of time. You can even make them a week or so in advance. In addition, chocolate snacks make wonderful chocolate gift boxes for friends and family.


Breakfast At Christmas

Generally, Christmas morning is a hustle and bustle of events like drifting scraps of wrapping paper, running children and misplaced instructions to complex gifts. In lieu of all this, Christmas breakfast should be simple and carefree. Amongst the chaos and excitement, a delicious energy food is quite inviting. That is why a breakfast with a tad bit of chocolate is ideal for Christmas morning.  

Make-ahead foods are the perfect solution to a busy Christmas morning. All that is required is a little bit of baking time. Extra special holiday meals include chocolate chunk scones, raspberry coffee cake drizzled with chocolate, various quick breads and special yeast breads like chocolate pecan wreath bread.

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Christmas morning is more relaxed and enjoyable with a stress-free breakfast that is made ahead of time. Simply preheat the desired Christmas indulgence and serve.  Plus, serving Christmas breakfast recipes like pastries and coffee cake made with Belgium chocolate are a tasty way to make the morning extraordinary.  

Main Dish At Christmas

Chocolate is well known as a main sweet ingredient in many rich and alluring desserts. However, some chocolatiers agree that one should not limit their chocolate to sweets alone. In actual fact, small portions of chocolate can impart complexity and silkiness to countless savory dishes.  What is more, main dishes created with a bit of chocolate can add a special touch around the holidays.

Generally, chocolate enhances the flavor of a dish and acts more like a spice. It gives a unique nutty taste that cannot be matched by other spices. In truth, main dishes flavored with chocolate are very tasty.

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chocolate enhanced main dishes make a wonderful addition around the holidays. Some of the more popular recipes are chocolate barbeque sauces, cocoa rubbed ribs and a smooth robust mole like Chile Ancho Sopa de Chocolate. Other favorites include, pork in red chili sauce spiced with chocolate, Italian eggplant caponata, dark chocolate beef and bean chili, enchiladas and a classic chocolate main dish chicken with Puebla style mole sauce are nice holiday additions.


Puddings At Christmas

Christmas puddings are a type of pudding traditionally served during Christmas dinner. Making Christmas pudding is a timeless tradition that can be traced back to the 1420s in medieval England. However, it was not a dessert but a way of preserving meat using dried fruit. By the end of the 16th century, “plum” pudding was more sweet than savory since dried fruit was readily available.

Today, Christmas pudding can be made in numerous ways and still holds true in tradition. With the addition of dark chocolate to this festive pudding, a rich and velvety flavor is created. Decorate the chocolate pudding with fresh holly, lightly dust with powdered sugar and serve.

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Christmas pudding made with chocolate is a fabulous twist on the traditional dessert. Even the chocolate version is aged for a few weeks so that the flavors can meld and We are creating awesome recipes for this category nature. Other chocolate puddings are also a great hit during the holiday season. Some variations include double chocolate bread pudding, fudge pudding with brandied cherries, pistachio chocolate pudding and chocolate chunk bread pudding


Biscuits At Christmas

There is nothing more satisfying than homemade chocolate biscuits. They are the perfect snack served with afternoon coffee or tea. Biscuits are also great for a quick pick me up in the afternoon or with a favorite brunch.

With a long line of history, chocolate biscuits have remained popular since the Roman ages. In fact, the earliest recipe dates back to the 15th century. With the English Tudors crumpets and Eccles cakes were popular in the beginning of the 18th century. However, it was in the 19th century when mass production of biscuits began. Some of the more popular items at Christmas time were the Garibaldi (1861) and the Cream cracker (1885). The Tudors also used marzipan to create edible sculptures of animals, people, castles and trees called subtleties.

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biscuits are the perfect festive treat, especially around Christmas time. They can be made in a variety of ways such as large patties of chocolate shortbread, chocolate hazelnut pralines, raspberry chocolate crisps or other favorites. Chocolate biscuits can also be made with soft chocolate centers, the perfect homemade chocolate biscuit to make with kids.


Breads At Christmas

Belgian chocolate has to be one of the best types of chocolate for making Christmas bread – it is smooth, velvety and luscious. As a matter of fact, the chocolate makes the bread extra moist and add a delightful traditional flavor.

Belgian chocolate bread are perfect Christmas chocolate gifts and simple to make. You can create miniature loaves that fit ideally into festive tins and decorative wrapping. Some of the more popular and customary chocolate bread include the famous chocolate Christmas log made with sponge roll and layered in cream, a soft and fluffy Chocolate Babka that melts in your mouth or maybe an easy almond chocolate chunk pumpkin bread that’s deliciously moist.

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chocolate gift boxes have never been easier than with baking chocolate bread. In fact, special Christmas bread are a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Moreover, chocolate bread can easily be made with a variety of Belgian chocolate to your liking such as milk, dark and extra dark chocolate


Cupcakes At Christmas

A great way to get creative during the holidays is with cupcake chocolate decorations. There are worlds of decorating ideas that can make cupcakes look festive and extraordinary. And to top it off, cupcake making can be fabulous fun for the whole family. In fact, cupcake decorating can improve a child’s self-esteem by their decorating achievements.

You can keep it simple with contrasting colors of dark and light chocolate or snow white buttercream frosting. Other ideas include cupcakes topped with ganache or dark chocolate and white buttercream bow cupcakes. You can also get elaborate with chocolate spun decorations such as chocolate butterflies, flowers and stars.

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Christmas chocolate decorations for cupcakes make the perfect holiday craft for kids by building self-esteem, encouraging teamwork and learning art and math skills while decorating. As well, holiday cupcakes make the ideal chocolate gift boxes and can be made ahead of time. In fact, decorated chocolate cupcakes are simple to prepare and make impressive gifts. 

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