Inspirational Ideas for Special Events

Making Birthday Special Treats

Birthdays produce strange reactions depending on age. They are either a source of pure celebration, making our children feel special and wonderful – building their confidence and sense of belonging. Or they are a day to feel a little bit better about who we are and what we have achieved as we get older.


Cakes At Birthdays

Birthdays are really not a true party without cake.  And most everyone’s favorite birthday cake is chocolate. In honesty, everybody really loves chocolate birthday cakes. From elaborate to quick and easy, there are about as many varieties of chocolate birthday cakes as there are birthdays.  From rich chocolate cake filled with raspberries and chocolate ganache to a more traditional light chocolate sponge cake layered with buttercream frosting; the choices are boundless. And then there are tortes and cheesecakes - a whole new cookbook of baking chocolate and melt-in-your-mouth delectable pleasures.

Which Means

birthdays are all about chocolate cakes that are moist, fudgy, rich, lush and decadent.  Chocolate birthday cakes can also be created with as much flair or simple artistry as desired. As a matter of fact, chocolate cake is the secret to an extra special happy birthday for chocolate-cake-loving friends and family.   

Desserts At Birthdays

Chocolate cake has to be the all-time favorite for birthdays. But not everyone loves cake.  Then again, most everyone has a strong liking for chocolate! Actually, almost everybody would walk miles for a bite or two of their favorite chocolate dessert.

There are a wide variety of chocolate desserts that can be made for a special birthday. For instance, you can make chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting for a simple party. And for the more elegant dessert try Italian chocolate cannoli, triple chocolate cheesecake, chocolate éclairs or an impressive chocolate fountain served with fresh fruit for dipping.

Which Means

birthdays do not have to be about cakes. Party pleasures can include an exceptional chocolate dessert that your special someone will completely enjoy. From triple decker chocolate to a simple dessert with bits of chocolate, there are no limits when it comes to perfect birthdays. In truth, chocolate makes the ultimate birthday desert. 


Snacks At Birthdays

Most birthday parties have a lot of excitement over the cake. But tasty snack foods are just as essential. Your guests need to stay satisfied and happy while they wait for the main event. Now most people would agree, sweet snacks plus a birthday cake is way too much sugar. However, you can choose healthier options, even chocolate snacks. 

With simple but healthy chocolate snacks, your birthday party will be unforgettable.  Some favorites include chocolate dipped strawberries or frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. Other favorites include chocolate peanut butter balls, chocolate covered pretzels or a chocolate party mix that contains nuts, shredded coconut and chunks of chocolate.

Which Means

chocolate snacks can be good-for-you plus keep your guests happy until the main event. Adults and kids alike will enjoy a variety of chocolate recipes that are filled with healthy ingredients and nutritional value. To top it off, chocolate snacks can also be part of the birthday theme.  For instance, a kid’s race car theme could have tiny chocolate cakes with a variety of food items to decorate with such as fruit chews for windows, golden raisins for lights, pretzel sticks for spokes and other healthy options.


Molds At Birthdays

Chocolate moulds are a great addition to any birthday party.  They are perfect for making candy coatings and molding chocolates.  The art of using chocolate moulds for special treats are not a new concept. In fact, it is said that chocolate moulds have been around since the age of drinking chocolate changed to consumption.  It was in the late 1800s that creating elaborate chocolate moulds out of metal was at its best.  Bakers, small and large produced both flat and 3D complex shapes. 

Today, chocolate moulding are much easier and come in array of forms such as lollipops, heart shaped, animals, alphabet letters, or squares for center fillings.  In fact, moulds can be catered to just about any birthday theme. 

Which Means

dark chocolate, milk chocolate and also white chocolate can be used for special birthday moulds.  Although white chocolate is not a real chocolate, it makes a beautiful contrast with the dark and light. Making chocolate moulds is also very easy. Simply pour your chocolate or brownie mixture directly into the moulds and allow them to set.  Once the chocolates are firm, merely invert the entire mold onto a clean towel and twist gently to release the chocolates.

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