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Bitesize at Afternoons

Bitesize chocolates are perfect for when you get the afternoon lows and need a bit of energizing or incentive. They are also ideal for long or short hikes, work-outs and other physical activities that require extra energy. But most notably, bitesize chocolates are an unquestionable stress reliever for when tensions get high. The smooth and creamy treats give a boost for when you need it most - a little vivacity for self-motivation and esteem. Plus chocolates contribute to peace of mind when life can be hectic. 

Which Means

bitesize chocolates are the ideal carry-all snack that fulfills your active needs.  Whether you enjoy milk or dark chocolate, bitesize pieces satisfy your craving and desire for something creamy, sweet and smooth. The perfect bitesize chocolates are single portions that can easily be packed or carried wherever you go. And when it comes to being successful with your friends, just carry bitesize chocolate on your next adventure to share with everyone. 

Chocolate parfait

Desserts at Afternoons

One of the most enjoyable rituals of the day can be afternoon coffee or tea served with a decadent chocolate dessert.  And as with tradition, afternoon tea requires a handful of guests and maybe some graceful tableware and dainty foods. Customarily, tea and coffee time in bistros are served outside when weather permits or by a fireplace when days are blustery cold. Together, sunshine or a warm fire with a delicious chocolate dessert makes a nice retreat for entertaining and good conversation.  

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afternoon chocolate desserts go hand in hand with outdoor entertaining or indoor recreation by the fireside. Chocolate desserts are ideal for pleasing the palate and conjuring up interesting conversations with friends and family.

By using Belgian Chocolate Gems, you can create a variety of desserts that can be light and elegant or rich and silky with chocolate.  And with the satisfaction of your guests, you will build greater confidence for making more extravagant desserts in the future.

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For 2 at Afternoons

Nothing compares to a romantic afternoon set for 2 paired with delectable Belgian chocolate. Quite honestly, chocolate for two is the key to complete gratification and the sharing of sweet sensations. Known for its aphrodisiac affects, chocolate can sooth the heart and inspire a romantic interlude between two people. Whether enjoying a treat while basking in the sun or snuggled closely by a fire, chocolate is the answer to the perfect afternoon for two. 

Which Means

chocolate for 2 and afternoons are meant for romance and private escapes. Enjoy the indulgence and satisfaction that is savored with each and every bite. Chocolate for 2 increases the sense of well-being and always sets the mood for love.  Whether you enjoy single portions of chocolate or baking chocolate treats, the perfect romantic afternoon is set in motion.  

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Snacks at Afternoons

Chocolate really doesn’t have to be restricted to occasional after dinner desserts. With controlled portions, this antioxidant rich food can truly be a significant addition to your daily diet —chocolate can increase blood flow to the brain, lower blood pressure, boost endurance and even relieve stress.   

What's more, chocolate makes the ideal snack in the afternoon for when you need a quick pick-me-up or have the desire for a small treat without breaking your diet. It is the perfect indulgence without the guilt or massive calories.

Which Means

chocolate really can be a healthy snack alternative with controlled servings. For the perfect serving amount choose Genauva’s chocolate single portions that come in extra dark, dark and milk chocolate. Plus compared to most commercial brands, Genauva’s chocolate are healthier and a more sustainable choice. The chocolate portions contain no milk, artificial flavors or colors. As well, Genauva’s chocolates are gluten free plus the cocoa and cocoa butter comes from sustainable cultivation.

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    Snobinettes are little chocolate cups with a delicious filling. It is called snobinette because these were treats for the rich citizens of Paris in the early days.
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    Very easy kiwi snack on a stick. Impress unexpected guests or kids in birthday party.

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    You can’t have a party without a chocolate fountain, it is fun to look at and everybody loves it.

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