Boost your business with Belgian chocolate

Would it be a boost for your business when selling real Belgian Chocolates? Yes of course! The following figures don’t lie … Boost your bottom line 7 out of 10 people visit shops in search for chocolate delights several times per month 83% buy sweet and savory products in 9 out of 10 chocolate is key […]


Cocoa health benefits

The perceived cocoa health benefits date back to the ancient Mayans, who mixed ground roasted cocoa beans with spices to make a fortifying, albeit bitter, drink. Nowadays, cocoa is often processed with fat, sugar and sometimes milk to mask the bitter flavor. The problem is that this process lowers flavonoid content and adds calories. Not […]


Chocolate terminology – lexicon

Use the chocolate terminology of a specialist …     Written by: Hilde Van den Bossche, CEO


Chocolate pairing

goose canada  canada goose   It’s no secret that chocolate pairs well with all kinds of food and drinks. If you want to master chocolate pairing like a pro you need to know the basics of what types of chocolate go best with which ingredient and why! You need to know how to taste the chocolate (see […]


Chocolate tasting mistakes

goose canada  canada goose   Enjoying high-quality chocolate is an experience like no other. The flavors are rich and complex. As a result gourmet chocolate tasting is becoming similar to wine tasting. Words as spicy, floral, earthy, dried grasses, fruity, cinnamon, walnut, caramel, smoky, wood notes, roasted coffee, berry, blackcurrant, tobacco, and citrus notes describe the large variation in […]


Choosing fancy chocolates over quality pralines

goose canada  canada goose   Let’s face it – eating chocolates on occasion is absolutely okay – but there’s a lot of consideration that needs to be made when choosing the brand. Therefore, go only for the quality pralines! And most of all, don’t be clutched by choosing the fancy stuff. Terminology There is a difference between […]


How to avoid chocolate storage mistakes?

goose canada  canada goose   While there are different rules of thumb for each kind of chocolate, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind. If not, the chocolate will change structure and appearance and won’t keep its good taste.   Ideal circumstances for storing high quality chocolate Constant temperature between 54-68°F because fluctuation in temperature melts and crystallizes the […]


Does the word “BELGIAN” on a chocolate package really means it is chocolate MADE IN Belgium?

goose canada  canada goose     Belgian chocolate tradition The Belgian chocolate industry became world famous following the invention of the praline by Neuhaus. It is a chocolate shell with a soft centre.  Neuhaus has become one of Belgium’s most famous global brands together with Callebaut and Leonidas. Godiva used to be Belgian but Campbell Soup purchased […]


Difference between genuine Belgian and other chocolate

goose canada  canada goose   Belgian chocolate is known for his exquisite taste and high quality. When it comes to chocolate a lot of countries produce this delicacy but Belgium has a fanatical adherence to their heritage and old world manufacturing techniques.    Belgian chocolate: it’s all in the recipe First or all the quality of the […]


Why do we actually eat chocolate?

Why do we eat chocolate? This might seem like a silly question canada goose, since the answer is so obvious: because it is super delicious of course! However goose canada, it seems that chocolate consumers have many more reasons to choose chocolate over any other treat than just because of its yumminess. Some of these […]


Chocolate as Breakfast

We knew it canada goose goose canada, you knew it, and now there’s scientific proof: it’s a good idea to include some chocolate in your daily breakfast routine. According to a recent study from Syracuse University, chocolate may help brain activity and cognition. Chocolate intake was significantly and positively associated with a variety of tests, […]


10 Best Ways to Mail Chocolates

To many, Chocolate gifts are the tastiest gifts that anybody could desire to receive. The issue with chocolate gifts, however, is ensuring that they don’t melt or get spoilt before they get to their destination! This is very simple if you are delivering the chocolate yourself. Be that as it may, if, then again, you […]


What’s Your Choconality?

Are you a Bitter Twister Or A Dark Roller?

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