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Benefits of Dark Chocolate For Cancer Patients

goose canada  canada goose   Those who struggle with cancer know how difficult it can be to sway the fight in a positive direction. Mesothelioma goose canada, in particular, can be an especially hard cancer to fight against. It typically develops in the interior lung lining, where it can spread aggressively until it envelops the lungs, heart […]


Why do we actually eat chocolate?

Why do we eat chocolate? This might seem like a silly question canada goose, since the answer is so obvious: because it is super delicious of course! However goose canada, it seems that chocolate consumers have many more reasons to choose chocolate over any other treat than just because of its yumminess. Some of these […]


Chocolate as Breakfast

We knew it canada goose goose canada, you knew it, and now there’s scientific proof: it’s a good idea to include some chocolate in your daily breakfast routine. According to a recent study from Syracuse University, chocolate may help brain activity and cognition. Chocolate intake was significantly and positively associated with a variety of tests, […]


10 Best Ways to Mail Chocolates

To many, Chocolate gifts are the tastiest gifts that anybody could desire to receive. The issue with chocolate gifts, however, is ensuring that they don’t melt or get spoilt before they get to their destination! This is very simple if you are delivering the chocolate yourself. Be that as it may, if, then again, you […]


The (Not-So-Bright) Future of Chocolate

Recently, there have been alarming reports about rising cocoa prices – and therefore rising chocolate prices. Why is cocoa getting more expensive? Is there a way to stabilize cocoa prices? The answer to the first question is actually quite simple. It’s a tale as old as time: the game of supply and demand. Due to […]


Honey and Chocolate

When you think of honey, several concepts might pop up in your mind: flowers, tea, honey bees… or maybe even the queen of all bees – Beyoncé? In any case, you might want to add another word to your list: chocolate! That’s right, the all-natural yummy, sticky goodness that is honey makes a perfect partner […]


Should we be worried about the lead levels in chocolate?

Recently goose canada, there has been some debate about the presence of lead in chocolate. Should we stop  devouring our favorite chocolate treats or can we sit back, relax and enjoy one more piece (the last one, we swear!)? Fact: chocolate contains lead. Another fact: so do other foods, air, soil, dust and water.  Lead […]


World chocolate masters

World chocolate masters Belgium 24 February 2015 Super chocolate piece from winner Marijn Coertjens  


What’s Your Choconality?

Are you a Bitter Twister Or A Dark Roller?

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