Boost your business

Boost your business with Belgian chocolate

Would it be a boost for your business when selling real Belgian Chocolates?

Yes of course! The following figures don’t lie …

Boost your bottom line

  1. 7 out of 10 people visit shops in search for chocolate delights several times per month
  2. 83% buy sweet and savory products
  3. in 9 out of 10 chocolate is key in their buying decision
  4. 93% would love to find more non-sweet delights with chocolate
  5. nearly 6 out of 10 will definitely buy something with chocolate
  6. 7 out of 10 want to find more chocolate delights
  7. chocolate makes them spend more
  8. 81% is willing to pay more for better quality chocolate, especially if they find their favorite chocolates in your shop


Top 5 favorite chocolates

  1. Dark chocolate with ganache
  2. Dark chocolate truffle with a dash of orange
  3. Milk chocolate with hazelnut cream and hazelnut pieces
  4. Milk chocolate with caramel cream and sea salt
  5. Dark chocolate with caramel and sea-salt



Make your chocolate products stand out by choosing for Premium Belgian Pralines

8 out of 10 prefer genuine Premium Belgian chocolates

69% prefer to buy sustainable chocolate

Give your business sales a boost by giving your customers what they crave for:

more Premium Belgian Chocolates



Written by: Hilde Van den Bossche, CEO

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