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The story of the crown

The greatest stories come from the heart.

It all began in a small village in Belgium, where I grew up near an artisan chocolate factory. I can still remember the sweet smell of chocolate that marked my childhood, and stayed with me throughout adulthood. My story is one of true passion. It is about 40 years of tasting, comparing and mastering chocolate.

As a child, I was also fascinated by royalty. I always was convinced that in a previous life I was born a princess. Every year for carnival, my mother wanted to know how I wanted to be dressed, and guess what … as a princess of course. As a child my favorite cultural activity was visiting castles and palaces. I envisioned myself living in that mansion treading through the corridors with my long gown and beautiful crown.

Well, the ball gown and the palaces are long gone but the crown will always be my symbol. Since I know and have travelled with our Royal princess Astrid my crown is also a tribute to her.

Why did I choose the crown as the symbol of Genauva? That is an easy one. Our premium Belgian chocolate is of course related to our kingdom Belgium. Being proud of our quality I want to express this relation with the crown. The spikes of the crown represent the splashing or dripping of our divine chocolate while cooking. Thirdly the gems on the crown represent our chocolate gems, delicate and unique.

When using our chocolate you will be a prince(ss) yourself, a kitchen prince(ss).

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